Saudade 5-Nudist beach -Valencia

SAUDADE 5-Nudist beach-Valencia

Pablo: Sharon, I can’t believe at your age,  that you have never been on a nudist beach?”

Me: “Well, I have never been with anyone who was open enough to say that they do this”

Pablo: “You mean none of your friends would ever go either?”

Me: “If they do they do not say to me. But hey, I am from Scotland, no one would admit to this especially in Glasgow. People would get the wrong idea”

Pablo: “People are so closed, it’s amazing”

Me: “I know, it frustrates me. It’s only a nudist beach, what the hell do they think we would be doing, sunbathing with no clothes????? Heaven forbid.

Me: “Pablo, I have a problem, I need to go the pharmacy for bikini removal cream once again. I did it last week but if I leave it any longer I will be in full bloom. It drives me nuts”

Pablo: We better go get stuff then, you’re not coming there with us with a full garden growing, we need to find you something to mow the lawn”

Here I am again with my two male gay friends. Feeling very liberated once again. No one blinks an eye at anyone here. There is no judgement. No one behaves in a disorderly manner nor does it feel wrong. The first time Peggy Sue had the  factor 50 Piz Bruin treatment.

The only thing I would have changed was the ‘attire’ of waitress serving our lunch in the small outdoor nudist restaurant. I should have suggested she borrow my lawn mower as she leaned over the table with full blooming bush nearly falling in my salad. I shall move the salad out of the way next time.

We all laughed at this and moved on to the wine. A great fun day indeed. I shall return for sure.

No more bikini costs.

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